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Sexy lingerie and married women


Lingerie has been around for centuries and women have adorned their bodies with many different types and styles of lingerie throughout the years. Some lingerie has been uncomfortable with corsets and straps; confining a woman but enhancing a woman’s natural hour glass figure and other lingerie has been soft and sensual made with fine silks and cotton. The one question is, besides the necessary bras and panties; do the women wearing lingerie do it for themselves or to please their husbands in the marriage? In two different surveys taken it would appear that the majority of the women do it to please their husbands, but benefit from it as well.
The one underling fact still remains that when a woman does get dressed up in sexy lingerie there is no doubt about it that she herself may feel sexier as result and this is a good thing. She can enhance her body in areas that she wants to enhance and cover other parts of her body up that she may not feel comfortable with.  Lingerie can be a great advantage for a woman who may feel a little self conscious with her body.  Most men will agree that when a woman feels good about herself the love making experience between them is also better.  Many husbands enjoy the fact that their wife takes the time to put on lingerie for them. In many ways it’s like unwrapping a very special present.  
There are always those exceptions when a women herself desires to have the feel of lingerie on her body and this brings her great pleasure. Some women do really find that they prefer to wear sexy lingerie on their bodies and also high heels to add the length and sexiness to their legs and thighs.

The other nice thing about lingerie is that a husband can buy it as a gift for his wife and get her just the right sexy lingerie that he would want to see her dressed in. Marred women often forget the idea of dressing up for they husbands and how much their husbands really do enjoy it. 

The Conclusion

The end result is that a women may feel sexier wearing lingerie, but if given the choice she may just as well not wear it and when she does it is to please her husband, she is showing him how much she loves him.

So to all of the husbands that want their wives to wear sexy lingerie for them, make sure to surprise her with it and pick out what you like. The next time that your wife does comes to bed with that sexy little number on, appreciate the fact that she is doing it for you. She is doing it to please her man and in return you should take your time in pleasing
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I have some comments to make. Some of us get turned on by being seen in sexy stuff, and that is good both for the man, and for us. Also, whoever it was that said she had never seen too many sixty year old ladies wearing lingerie, obviously has never met my sister, or me, because I still wear it at 59, and look good in it, and my sister wears it at sixty, and looks better than many younger women. If you watch your weight and work out, you can look sexy in the stuff way past sixty. We may look better than the woman who said that for all I know, but reading that certainly annoyed me no end. No older woman would be wearing the stuff for her, anyway, so how would she know. She can quit if she wants to, but don't lay it on the rest of us to do so, Please. Also, I do like the feel of the silky stuff, even when a man is not around. (: v
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great advice it grabs your attention no doubt :)
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thevoice terrific article read well done thanks
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oh la la! I love seeing my woman in lingerie. I mean black lingerie.
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Excus me valeriebelew CAN YOU READ!!!!!or are your eyes going bad? I said " I don't see to many 60yr old ladies shopping in Fredricks... " And Thats a FACT lady!!! I don't! I shop there several times a month and I have never seen a 60yr old women in there. So before you voice a long senseless opinion, make sure you either brush up on your reading skills, put your glasses on or understand what your reading.
As far as you wondering if you look beeter in lingerie than I do in it...I'm sure you don't I would bet money on that.
You can be pisst off about afact if you want to, it really sounds like a personal issue of lack of self confidence to me, but facts are facts...God what a weirdo
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dawnm Good hub..Keep using surveys it grabs peoples attention...even if they are a little weired..
yes it for the woman for men just want you naked and ready for his loving
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I would say that in some cases true but why is the advertising always with women dressed up?
lingerie does a lot of things, I think. It does make the woman feel sexy, alluring and provocative. It's exciting and fun.
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Yes an attention grabber for sure, great hub

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