Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sheer Stockings and Very High Heels

There is nothing more sexy, more erotic and more satisfying than a woman wearing 7 or 8 inch clear platform thin heels with stockings (either thigh highs or ones that attach to a garter belt).  I get so turned on that my wife knows when she puts on this outfit combo (and nothing else) she is about to have pleasure beyond imagination.  I know she is coming towards me before I can ever see her.  Her heels make a clanking sound on the wood floors and I find this so erotic that I get hard instantly and wet!  As she approaches me she finds her way to a chair and sits with her legs crossed.  As she sits on the chair she starts to spread her legs and touches her stockings.  You can see her heels resting up high on the arm rests of the chair as she fingers the outside of her pussy.  This is so erotic that I approach her like a magnet.  I start caressing her inner thighs with my lips and throw in some soft kisses a long the way.  As

I work my way down I start vibrating my toungue on her pussy (just the outside of her lips).  As my toungue gets wet and as she gets even wetter, the juices flowing make for a very sensual licking.  As I stroke her with my toungue and lips, up and down, like a soft serve ice cream cone I just can't stop thinking about putting my hard, erect cock just at the tip of her clit and tease her even  more.  I take my finger and slowly, very slowly put it in her ass while licking her.  This make her squeel but I know it's pleasure not pain that's turning her on. 

By this time she is about ready to cum all over my face - and I sense it coming so I remove my lips from her pussy and revert back to kissing her with little kisses all over her inner thighs.  Her stomach contracts because she wants my cock so bad that I just have to tease her some more.  You see my wife has been very naughty and deserves a little punishment from her man.  So I make sure to torture her just a little more.  When it gets too hot and we both are ready to explode is when I give her just the tip of my cock.  Slowly I put my throbbing cock at the top of her pussy and for what seems to be the longest time... keep thrusting in and out with my pulsating, throbbing cock.  When she can't take it anymore I give her my huge cock.  She likes watching my ass sticking up as I enter her with each deep stroke.  Sometimes I stop and just go all in and stay there for a few seconds not moving at all.  She can feel my cock throbbing and she is ready to cum.  I pound her slowly and hard often changing tempo then when she cant take it anymore she tells me she is going to cum all over my cock. And when she makes this announcement I have no choice but to pound her so deep and so hard to make her orgasm the most intense ever.  I think she'll be wearing stockings and heels again for me real soon! 

By PleasingHusband.
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